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Fiber Beads are soft supply beads made from custom dyed and commercial yarns and roving. Fiber beads are used in jewelry, art yarn, dolls, as buttons, dread beads, macrame beads, in weaving. Fiber beads make excellent gifts for crafters

She's not for sure if we were created in a fairy tale. BUT, she IS for sure our hair color is from Lincoln Nebraska.

Several seasons ago I traveled to South Dakota and there was a sign that said 'Quilt Museum this way.' Tires screeched, men whined, deals were made; then we stopped. International Quilt Study Center & Museum is in Lincoln, Nebraska. It's a wonderful way to spend a few hours on your way to wherever you are going. The collection, associated with the University in Lincoln is a feast for your eyes. Long story short; on the way out we stopped at the gift shop. Hanging on these lovely little tree branches were yards of hand dyed velvet ribbon.
I'd never seen anything quite like this OOAK ribbon and <sigh> the beads will be offered in limited supply. Dastardly memory, I don't know who the artist was. If any of my fans know, contact me--I'd love to be in touch with her/him and offer these as a permanent item in my shop.
This is a set of 6 large hole beads, .75 inch long, .50 inch wide with a hole through the center about .33 inch. Because of the limited nature of these beads, they are more expensive than the standard bead of the same size in my shop. I believe I can produce about 2 dozen of these beads. Then they will be gone. The colors you see are true..aqua blue, emerald green, gold fading to light brown and a gorgeous light mauve and purple. Divine


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