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Fiber Beads are soft supply beads made from custom dyed and commercial yarns and roving. Fiber beads are used in jewelry, art yarn, dolls, as buttons, dread beads, macrame beads, in weaving. Fiber beads make excellent gifts for crafters

Baker's Dozen. An old-fashioned concept applied to our moder electric blue and purple selves. She's genius.

This is a baker's dozen offering. You will receive 13 of these beads for the price of 12. Why? because it's a fun and interesting thing to do.
The photos of the beads are a bit on the dark side, but I decided to go with them anyway. Sometimes as you try to lighten up photos of blue and/or purple items the color goes a little 'off' and I just do not want this to happen. So, because of the dark photos you don't see the vibrancy behind these gorgeous beads. But, my customers have come to trust me on this and you will too. They are spectacular in color.
Each bead is 1.25 inch (3.2 cm) long and .25 inch (.6 cm) wide. There is a very tiny core through the center of each tube, wide enough for bead stringing wire or material. The beads in the photo are made from a skein of yarn and are a strong representation of the beads you will be buying. If you want to see the exact beads you are purchasing, contact me. I'll be very happy to take more photos! A17


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