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Fiber Beads are soft supply beads made from custom dyed and commercial yarns and roving. Fiber beads are used in jewelry, art yarn, dolls, as buttons, dread beads, macrame beads, in weaving. Fiber beads make excellent gifts for crafters


    • Shipping costs?

    • Can I wash the beads?

    • Can I cut the beads?

    • Do you protect the beads in the finishing process?

    • Will you make beads with fibers I send to you?

    • Do you accept custom orders?

    • Can I buy different quantities?

    Shipping costs? top

    I'm glad you asked!

    US Shipping Charges: $1.75 for the 1st set of beads. $2.25 for 2-4 sets of beads. $2.75 for 5-7 sets of beads. $3.25 for  8-or more sets. If you create a large custom order I will charge exact postage.  If your order reaches $100.00 retail, shipping will be free.

    Everywhere else Shipping Charges: $2.00 for the 1st set of beads.  $3.00 for 2-4 sets of beads.  $4.00 for 5-7 sets of beads. $5.00 for 8 or more sets. Contact me for shipping on large custom orders.

    Additional shipping charges will apply if you request a express or overnight delivery.

    Can I wash the beads? top

    Yes. Fiber beads can be washed. They have been tested many times in the washing machine and in boiling water. They hold together. However, each fiber artist has varying policies on the colorfast nature of their work. In a small percentage of beads the colors may fade when washed.
    Fiber beads have been used as buttons on clothing and the large hole beads are used as hair adornments.  Reports are that they wash up beautifully

    Can I cut the beads? top

    Yes, technically the beads can be cut because they are constructed of materials that are all soft. I don't recommend it because I have a certain finishing technique to make the ends appear naturally wrapped. When they are cut, they look OK but not natural to my eye. 

    Do you protect the beads in the finishing process? top

    I do not spray, the beads in any way. I have had clients who Scotchguard their items when they know they are going to be worn in sweaty situations (wedding jewelry as an example.) Andrea's Jewelry has protected all her wedding jewelry because she wants to be sure the perspiration a bride might experience during the big day does not effect the long lasting effects of her one-of-a-kind treasure.

    Will you make beads with fibers I send to you? top

    Oh yes. I am happy to process an order for you this way.  Please know that I will brutally honest with you if I think the final product will not work. I am open to experimenting with your fiber and we can discuss the viability of the results.  Custom beads are $1.50 per bead.

    Do you accept custom orders? top

    I do.

    Fiber Selection
    If you see a fiber in a certain hole size but not the hole size you want, contact me. This is most often very easily done. If I can't help you I will tell you honestly.

    Number of beads in the set
    I offer beads in varying sized sets. This is how most people buy them. If you want to adjust quantities for your specific order, contact me. Beads normally cost $1.00 per bead, unless you are asking me to adjust the actual length or core size.

    Length and Hole Size
    Beads that are 1.5-2 inches long are now $4.00 each. Beads over 2 inches long are $5.00 each.
    I will make the large hole beads up to one inch in diameter for $1.00 each. 1 inch or larger, expect higher price estimates.
    Please understand that the larger the core becomes, the less stable the beads will be with repeated washings.

    Can I buy different quantities? top

    Yes, contact me.
    Beads are $1.00 each, unless otherwise stated.
    Mini Bead styles sell in sets:
    10 beads-$7.00
    12 beads-$8.00
    15 beads-$10.00
    20 beads-$14.00
    25 beads-$17.00
    30 beads-$20.00

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