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Fiber Beads are soft supply beads made from custom dyed and commercial yarns and roving. Fiber beads are used in jewelry, art yarn, dolls, as buttons, dread beads, macrame beads, in weaving. Fiber beads make excellent gifts for crafters

About Fiber Beads

Hello and welcome!  This is the premier website for fiber and textile beads of all sizes.  Your exploration into beading options for jewelry, mixed media, art yarn, hair adornments and embellishing has just taken an exciting turn toward the creative stratosphere. What do you enjoy creating? How may I help you?

 Fiber beads retain the soft nature of the fiber I use to make them. If the fiber does not respond well to the bonding process, I simply avoid using it. My goal is a colorful, lightweight, soft next-to-the-skin product.

Fiber beads come in a variety of core sizes and lengths.  Rest assured, all the beads are handmade and created with a sturdy core for stringing.  They may be soaked in hot water and washed with mild soap.  The photos that you see for the beads you are buying are a strong representation of the beads you will purchase. Many of the beads are made from custom fiber blends. Some of my materials are commercially purchased while others are hand dyed and spun by a variety of artists. I love supporting independent artists who offer a certain visual kick to the beads. If there is a fiber festival, rest assured that I am haunting the aisles for the perfect fiber to create a bead design for my loyal customers.

Thank you SO much for visiting my site. I hope my success will quickly become a success for you.  Let us be friends and create together.

Happy Shopping!

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